Flashback Friday: California 2013

This will serve as the first installment of  my very own Flashback Friday series. On Fridays, I plan to write about something from my past that I would have loved to blog about, had I been blogging back then. Enjoy!

Time frame: March 2013

Backstory:  My best friend, Josie, moved from Michigan to California in 2012. I went to visit her in August of 2012, but she was still trying to get settled in her new state so we didn’t do too much. I flew out there again this past March and we had such a great time!

What we did: Josie lives (well, lived…she just recently made ANOTHER cross-country move) in a really cool part of San Jose that’s right next to some foothills. So, the first thing we did was go hiking. It was crazy to me that we could make a 5 minute drive from her apartment in the city to the vast expanse of rolling hills that we hiked through!

2013-03-02 16.14.36

I think the name “foothills” is kind of funny. It makes them sound so small. I mean, they certainly weren’t mountains, but those “little” foothills gave us quite a workout! The view from the top was incredible.  We could see the entire city of San Jose, surrounded on all sides by more foothills. California really impresses me by the way you can be right outside of a city, yet feel like you’re in an entirely different world.

2013-03-02 16.22.21Our next adventure was to Land’s End. It’s a very cool park right outside of San Francisco. There are a lot  of hiking trails, which is what we did. It started off as a pretty foggy day, but it quickly cleared up which was great because that meant that everywhere we went in the park gave us incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge.



I don’t know what’s so magnificent about a bridge, but it really is breathtaking to see in person.


Once again, I was in awe that we were just a few minutes outside a big city. The parks in California are amazing.



bettercrashingwavesOur last big adventure took us INSIDE the city. San Francisco! We hopped on the train earrrrly in the morning so that we could fit in as much as we could in one afternoon. We had a lot we wanted to see and planned to do it all by foot. Our first stop was Alamo Square. Well, actually it was the City Hall on the way to Alamo Square. That was unintentional but cool, nonetheless.


Alamo Square is where the infamous painted ladies can be found. The painted ladies are the infamous houses that are in the opening credits of Full House 🙂 We spent a few minutes pretending to frolic with the Tanner family in the park. Then it was time to be serious for the obligatory photo shoot.



Behind the painted ladies is the skyline of the city. A little mix of old Victorian style, with new-aged architecture in the background. Love it.


Our next touristy stop in the city was Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. I have to admit, I didn’t know exactly what it was, and I was actually expecting a lot more. It was still pretty cool to see though.

I don't know that guy, but this shot best captured the crooked-ness.

I don’t know that guy, but this shot best captured the crooked-ness.

By this time we had walked approximately 484768 miles of HILLS, so we were famished. (That’s the thing about San Francisco. It’s all hills. If you plan to conquer the city by foot, I suggest you do not wear ballet flats. My knees were effed up for months after that.) We wanted to eat lunch downtown, so we took a private fancy car there instead of walking. We got a table on the rooftop of the Cheesecake Factory that overlooked Union Square. It was a perfect spot to end a great day out with my best friend. She has a little 1.5 year old at home so she doesn’t get to go out too often. I’m happy I was able to steal her away for a fun afternoon 🙂


Our lunchtime view

Our lunchtime view

I had such a great time with my best friend and her family. It was hard to leave, especially knowing that there was snow waiting for me when I got back home!

2013-03-08 10.55.43

California is a beautiful state with so much to do and see. Josie doesn’t live there anymore, but I plan to make my return someday!



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